Destination: Amsterdam

How to change everything in your life and move to a place you truly love?

I decided to try it. Follow my story day by day. 

Besides being accepted at the Swedish university, I got a scholarship which covers studying, living, residence permit and travel from Russia and back. Not bad, right? Taking into consideration, that I have very strong ties with Sweden, I decided to postpone my Experiment for half a year and think about it again after Christmas. The “living on a suitcase” period comes to its end and that makes me happy. Stability is good…For a while 🙂 

 And that’s me on this painting. My friend made it, knowing about my life. This will remind me about the suitcase on the attic and that I can use it again at any moment.


I guess all experiments face obstacles.Today I faced a very big one… I was admitted for the Master in Journalism in Stockholm, Sweden. This story becomes more interesting with the fact, that I already have one Master in Journalism from Russia and I’m finishing another one in Belarus. Hmmm… Do I need the third one?

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 17.56.56


Today I found this amazing website. Thanks to my Dutch friend for that. They wrote exactly, what I feel towards Amsterdam.

In the heart of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most inspirational and innovative capitals. The age-old Dutch merchant spirit is still deeply rooted in today’s culture and lifestyle. It has a magical vibe hanging over the city and many entrepreneurs and creatives are it’s inhabitants. Think of numerous events, weekly food markets, art festivals and a dazzling party scene to make you feel like the city never sleeps. Amsterdam inspires you day and night. 

It brings the whole world together in one big scene of inspiration and collaboration. This place is characterised by style, sociability, freedom and responsibility in one. Amsterdam has the cultural heft of a metropolis, but feels like a heart-warming village. 

481725_638_365 So, how about my success? It goes up and down. My big inspiration was slightly ‘beaten’ when we started to look at the apartments. 1000 euros per month, not in the center and not very fresh flats. Hmmm… Not very exciting. Rent for shared appartment and only one room starts from 500 euro per month. With today’s euro-russian ruble course 500 euro is one month salary of a regular manager in Russia. Right now, my only source for the apartment’ search is Facebook group with approximately 7 new posts everyday. The prices for housing start from 350 to 2000 euros per month. Well, the ones for 350 look like they were made not for living, but for surviving 🙂 After one week looking for the apartment and counting my budget, I decided to rely on my friend’s places for first 1-2 weeks, until I find a job. Here comes the “job issue”. My first problem is a work permission, which is special type of visa allowing you to work within the EU.  I don’t have it. Wait a minute. How do I suppose to have it, if I just decided to move to Amsterdam and this is the craziest and least prepared thing, I’ve ever done? Never mind, I have two backup plans: 1) Work as waitress 2) Find an official job, which will apply for my work permit. Where do I search for job? 1) As a tour-guide:

2) As a journalist

  • (I guess, it’s media. All in Dutch. Google translate!)
  • (I found it a little hard to change the location in settings, so here I check jobs offered around the world)
  • (I always get scared from the cover photo, do you?)

3) Tips for job seekers

Why do I share these links with you? Because you might want to follow my steps and move to the best city in the world. Also I believe in “good-to-good” theory. It’s been so many people, who helped me in hard times, so I feel like this is my pay back 🙂 Stay in touch! Tot ziens! March’23

I’m moving to Amsterdam. This is my experiment. Sounds very crazy. But if everybody thinks that your plans are crazy, you are most likely on a right direction. Let’s look at my checklist: What: Moving to Amsterdam When: end of April 2015 Why: it’s my favorite city in the world Have: BA in journalism, almost MA in Human Rights, experience in filmmaking, writing, editing, photo, selling, pr, administrative, PR. Russian, English, basic Dutch Need: Job (all noted in “have”); House (less than 500 euro per month) I start my experiment today with this post and many messages to my friends in the Netherlands and all over the world. I’ll update it with every step, which brings me closer to the dream. March’13

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