New in Stockholm

“Amsterdam romance” was postponed and I moved to Stockholm. I came to Sweden 10 times in my life and at the 11th I stayed. Moving to another country means loosing most of the things you had before. Some people lose home, job, savings and almost all their personal stuff. The only things I lost were the pink duvet, pink carpet and pink sunglasses. Probably I also lost part of my russian identity, but that’s another very long story.


Here I want to share how is that to move to Sweden. Which websites to check? How to learn the language and adopt in the society? Maybe it will not be the universal guide, but it will be a real personal story. What to start with?

1. Try to find a study program.

Here are the courses and the advices for potential Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Here you can apply for studies. The deadline is 15th of January for a programs starting in Autumn.

2. Find a scholarship

This in an amazing scholarship for candidates from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. There are many other scholarships presented on the website. 

3. Learn the language

SFI – Swedish For Immigrants is the first place you go to try to learn the language. At the point when you want to move on you can find something more serious.

Something like this.


This is a dictionary with translations from English to Swedish and the other way around.

4. Learn about the society

This is the link to the course in Social orientation taught in English. Can help to get to know Swedish society from the theoretic point.

Here is the entire book dedicated to that.

5. Find your new stuff

Web people’s market. Here you can find any stuff you need to your house for low price or even for free.


6. Explore Stockholm

All free events in Stockholm. You can arrange the list by date, by location or by the type of activity.

7. Find your favorite place in Stockholm 

I didn’t really find a certain favorite places yet. But here are the advices from famous Swedish writer Kristina Ohlsson.

Stockholm Public Library

The Worker’s Educational Association. Swedish largest adult liberal education association. Center for readings and cultural events.

South of Stockholm. Library, coffee, play and art exhibitions.


I’ll update the post with a new links as soon as I get them 🙂

Vi ses!

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