How to start chanting mantras?

Very often people see my morning practice and ask how to I know what to sing. First of all, I am not singing, but chanting. And mantras are there available for you to start.

Usually it goes for me like that:

  1. I find a song that resonates with me. This song usually includes mantra
  2. I play audio and remember the rhythm
  3. I google the words form mantra. Even if I might not know how to write them properly, but I usually can find mantra anyway
  4. I write down the words and I sing along with the audio
  5. I chant on my own.

My favourite band is “Mirabai Ceiba”, they have recordings with beautiful music of almost all Kundalini mantras.

Right now I love to chant “Chattr Chakkr”

Chattr chakkr vartee, chattr chakkr bhugatay

Suyumbhav subhang sarab daa sarab jugtay

Dukaalang pranaasee dayaalang saroopay

Sadaa ung sungay abhangang bibhootay


Sat Nam.

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