Hi, I am Diana. 

A yoga teacher and a journalist-filmmaker. I call this website “My world” because here you can see how my interests and passions were shifting with the time. I keep my stories and videos in the blog on the main page so you can explore them all. You will see that some of them are in Russian and some are in English.

About me as a journalist 

I’ve been working for two Russian TV channels: Channel one (Moscow) and VETTA (Perm). Later on, I moved to Sweden and worked as a freelancer to TV4 and SVT (Stockholm), plus I freelanced with the videos from Stockholm for the Russian TV channel “LifeNews“. At the moment I am still producing videos and documentaries as a freelancer.

About me as a yoga teacher

I have my own concept of yoga classes where I combine Yin and Yang. Softness and tenderness of Yin yoga is combined with strong energy of Kundalini breathing techniques. My specialisation is Relax Yoga, Yin Yoga classes and Kundalini practice.

I was blessed to learn from some of the most incredible teachers working today – Jenny Aurthur (asana and adjustments), Lucas Bennet (anatomy), Satyadev Barman (yoga philosophy), Noah McKeena (teaching), Radha Rajani (Mantra & Kirtan).

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Diana
    We met once at the tree of life for a yoga session, I was lucky enough to have a 1-1 class ! You mentioned a website to signup to some yoga retreats for families
    Can you send me the name of the site again please I am looking for retreats


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