Mudras for your meditation

Mudras are hand and finger gestures that can be used during your mediation.

Watch this video to learn 8th basic mudras.


Sat Nam.

2 thoughts on “Mudras for your meditation

  1. Hello ​dear Paula! So nice to see you in my blog! The mudras are used for meditations. You can seat on the chair with straight back, both feet flat on the floor, both hands relaxed on the knees for the beggining​. Taking a deep inhale, excha​​le, observe how the air moves in and out from your body. After 5 deep breaths like that, you can make chosen mudras with your fingers and still keep hands rested on the knees. Sit like this for 1-3 min (from the start it can be just one minute). Observe your breath. Keep eyes closed. That is mediation.​

    To keep track of time, it is good to use tim​er on your phone 🙂


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