Yoga and Beer?

Thanks to BBC the concept of Beer Yoga became famous around the world. Pretty girls and boys are holding a bottle in front of their heart in “namaskara” mudras.

When I heard of it for the first time, my thought was: “No, this is unbearable. Yoga is clearly a deep practice which can’t be combined with alcohol or any socialising of that kind”.

But if we look deeper, translate it from Sanskrit “Yoga” means “Union”. Aren’t people uniting with their glass of beer during traditional AW on Friday? Why not offer them an opportunity to unite with the same beer while practicing yoga. What if people are too shy to try a new thing and beer would help them to make a first step towards yoga. Why not meeting people where THEY are?

This round of thoughts brought to a concept of Scandinavian Beer yoga, which included non-alcohol beer and yoga practice. Namaste!

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